Spend only 30 mins per day trading U.S stocks and earn BIG profits using our proprietary Trading System - Nucleus

Our Nucleus System can help you extract outstanding profits from the financial markets, by spending just 30 mins per day!


You need an “edge” to make money from trading. The good news is, our Nucleus System is based on a combination of over 10 years of trading experience which we have built into a simple, yet highly effective, trading tool set which includes: a realtime market scanner, trend health filter, risk level projector and trade entry signal. The system gives optimal points to enter and exit the market which ensures that Nucleus users have the unique edge they need to compete and succeed in the financial markets.


Using the Nucleus System re-enforces some of the core principles of success in trading the financial market. It removes the human emotion element from your trading decisions as you only need to take action when the system spots an optimal entry point, keeping you safe from common trading errors like trying to force a trade or chasing a trade when the move has already happened. etc.


Risk management is often described as the “Holy Grail” in trading. Using the risk level projector built into the Nucleus System, you no longer need to worry about, or guess where to place your stop loss, because each entry signal has an optimal risk level associated with it, so you can give your positions the right distance for normal price fluctuations thereby holding onto your winning trades for maximum profits while protecting your account from unforeseen disaster.


Are you ready to let the Nucleus System bring meaningful improvement and "exponential growth" to your trading account by spending just 30 mins a day?

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